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20th-Aug-2009 03:36 am - can't forget this one....
Yes, I definitely cannot forget to post about [Buzzer Beat]!! Although it hasn't finished airing, I still want to review/comment on it. =)

It's such a great summer drama!! Actually when I first watched ep1...I thought it was a little boring. Well mostly due to the basketball scenes and not many RikoxNaoki scenes. XD But it's good in a way because I can definitely see how their relationship slowly start to develop...just like what Yamapi said in some interview. He said this drama is a natural romantic story. Totally agree! Now I wanna see more of NaokixRiko scenes!!

Riko and Naoki are super cute! My favourite scenes are always when they're at the park chatting away naturally. =D Plus Yamapi is so cute, although not his hair exactly. And Keiko Kitagawa is really pretty, even without makeup! hahah I liked how she didn't wear makeup when she talked to Naoki at the park. They totallyyy get along.

It's cool how Yamapi and Keiko Kitagawa both graduated from Meiji university with business/economics major! Soo crazy...how do they juggle schoolwork + acting + etc. O_____o I totally look up to them. XD

errr I can blabber on more about this drama...but I better stop here, because don't think ppl will be that interested. XD Anyways, I'm still waiting for the subs for ep6!! Come out quickly! pleaseee. =)

And of course I can't leave this post without some pictures from one of my favourite scenes! hehehe~

Naoki suddenly hugs Riko.

Then Riko hugs him back...this time more tightly. =D *jealous* I want to hug him toooooo.

20th-Aug-2009 03:14 am - [review] Kimi ni Todoke
Ok, so I basically decided I should at least update lj at least once a month or so. And what's a better way then to update with a review on dramas/etc?!

I just finished reading the 16 chapters of the manga [Kimi ni Todoke]. It's about this high school girl who has long black hair...who resembles Sadako from The Ring! I remember watching that one scene where the girl slowly crawls out of the tv set. X_______x Anyways, the main character slowly changes and opens up after meeting this popular guy at her school.

I thought it was a pretty good manga, I kept wanting to read it. Totally like the two friends the main character makes! Sawako (her nickname is "Sadako") is so awkward, but makes her so cute and funny. XD I liked this manga because it was funny and entertaining. It's so obvious Sawako and the cute/popular guy like each other, but they just don't know it or they don't know what to do. That's the only thing that annoyed me. >_______<

Oh! I'm actually excited because there will be an anime AND a drama coming out based on this manga. Yay! More excited for the drama though...because usually the anime pretty much follows the manga, so it could get boring for me. ahhh we'll see.
18th-Feb-2007 04:59 pm(no subject)
29th-Jan-2007 03:11 pm - uploads!
EDIT// i fixed the link! whahah, thanks for letting me knoww.. i just copied the wrong link before~ hmm, yess.. those USB things would be goood!! =) i want those 1GB ones...so i can transfer big drama files tooo. right now, i usually have to re-download on my other comp. >_____< it's b/c my laptop doesn't have a dvd-burner. //

Uploaded some songs so i can transfer them to my other computer. would've been faster using cd-rw but don't have any free ones right now. =.=

musique!Collapse )

i really need to get to work. TONS OF STUFF TO DO. O________o it just keeps on coming! i totally didn't know i have a cmpt150 midterm NEXT WEEK. also have a math midterm next wednesday. and then i have an assignment due thurs...which i don't know how to do at all! =.= HELPPPPPP!

but first, i gotta watch HYD2 ep4! =)
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